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Kidney practice
Kidneys not only purify our blood by eliminating waste and toxins, but also regulate the vital processes of our body. Malfunctioning kidneys can therefore be at the base of a variety of health problems.

Should you present problems as depicted on the right side, then our medical staff is at your disposal. Both doctors are kidney specialists (nephrologists) and are able to evaluate your symptoms, to clarify your renal problems and to offer the adequate treatment.
Both speak English fluently.

You can arrange an appointement directly by phone 0041 91 745 15 60 or can be referred by your practitioner.

The specialised field of nephrology includes the assessment and therapy regarding the following conditions:

  • High blood pressure
  • Pathological findings in urine
  • Chronic kidney diseases and failure
  • Metabolism problems leading to kidney stones
  • Hypertension and renal problems occurring during or after pregnancy
  • Preparation and care of patients with kidney transplantations
Dialysis Centre Dialago SA - Via San Gottardo 200 - CH-6598 Tenero / Minusio-Mappo (near Locarno) - Switzerland
E-Mail: - Tel. +41 91 7451560 - Fax +41 91 7451561
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